The political role for the armed factions of opposition in Syria

The political role for the armed factions of opposition in Syria

The Syrian military factions is trying to take a role in the Syrian political status...through the formations of political offices of the factions, their expression of political positions through media, and their participation or support for the participation of others in the local, regional and international political events.

But this political presence is still limited, due to subjective and objective factors, and the most important factor is the lack of coordination between the factions themselves, the weakness of their political vision and its intersection geographically and organizationally and sometimes internationally, regionally and locally unacceptable groups.

The factions need two levels of changes: intellectual and organizational, to strengthen their current political presence, and ensure their representation in any future political solution, and the most important changes are producing realistic vision at the level of one faction, forming a body unites factions, to be possible to deal with the political project seriously.

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