About Us

Jusoor was created in 2016 to address the urgent need for in-depth, systematic and credible research on Syria.

After years of conflict and chaos, obtaining reliable information and unbiased analysis on Syria is hugely challenging. 

With its team of expert researchers, Jusoor exists to fill this gap. We produce up-to-date, objective and detailed research for policy-makers and practitioners in the political, economic and humanitarian fields.

We also help promote effective communication between local communities and decision makers, for the sake of better policy and sustainable, positive outcomes.

Our Vision

To become a trusted reference point for objective, credible research on Syrian affairs in order to contribute to better policy.

Our Mission

To provide objective, detailed and actionable research to actors in the public, private and development sectors in Syria and the region; and to facilitate open dialogue between institutions and actors in all fields.

Our Values

Objectivity, credibility, quality, cooperation and communication.


The core of Jusoor’s work is political, economic, social and legal research, both for publication and for in-house use by clients in the public, private and development sectors

We also organize training and conferences, to build capacity and foster dialogue among decision-makers and interested parties both within Syria and beyond. 

We work closely with our partners and stakeholders to build realistic, evidence-based strategies that contribute to sustainable positive outcomes.


Jusoor’s work covers political, social, economic and legal issues affecting Syria, and their regional and international implications. 

We have a particular focus on: 

  • Developments involving armed actors on the ground, and their geostrategic implications.
  • Domestic and international political trends related to Syrian affairs.
  • Pro-regime and opposition factions in Syria and their relationships with regional and international actors.
  • Economic and development indicators in Syria and related regional and international economic trends.
  • Religious and political movements in Syria and the region, their origins, intellectual evolution and trajectories.

Through these thematic lenses, Jusoor aims to map out scenarios and formulate effective policy strategies for actors involved in Syrian affairs.

OUR Objectives

- Raising the level of political, social and economic awareness in Syria and the region. 

- Providing the best quality of published materials in terms of presentation and type of topics addressed. 

- Facilitating access to information, and following-up developments and results, using various means and methods.