The course of restoring relations between the UAE and the Syrian regime

The course of restoring relations between the UAE and the Syrian regime

Since 2017, it has been clear that the UAE has become closer to the Syrian regime. Abu Dhabi modified its position and reopened its embassy in Damascus in 2018. Later, the UAE improved its political and economic relations with the regime, culminating in a visit by the Emirati foreign minister to Damascus, and al-Assad's visit to the UAE.   

Economically, the UAE provided the regime with foreign currency by facilitating the economic activity of companies close to the regime and facilitating the movement of Syrian exports to the UAE. Furthermore, the UAE embraced a large number of Syrian businessmen, and invited government officials and merchants to attend various exhibitions and events.   

This report is an attempt to refer to the regional developments that took place during the same period, in order to explain the return of relations between the two sides.   

The report provides an analytical view of the path of restoring relations between the two parties after 4 years have passed. It also gives observers of regional relations an overview of the most prominent stations in the restoration of relations, in addition to the main gains that the regime has had as a result of restoring the relations.   


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An Emirati delegation headed by the United Arab Emirates foreign minister, Abdullah bin Zayed Al Al Nahyan on January 4, 2023 made a visit to the Syrian capital, Damascus, and met the head of the Syrian regime, Bashar al -Assad. This visit is the second to Syria after the return of diplomatic relations between the two parties late 2018.