Scenarios for Turkish Military Intervention in Syria
Mar 15, 2016 1180

Scenarios for Turkish Military Intervention in Syria

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The subject of Turkish military intervention in Syria is not a good thing, as many reports at the end of 2011 mentioned the existence of a Turkish plan to intervene militarily in Syria

, but Turkish ideas and solution about the intervention and other issues such as creating a safe zone in northern Syria always received American opposition as America always proposed its priority of confronting Islamic State forces over any other priorities .
The difference in opinions and perspectives between Turkey and the United States led to Turkey preventing NATO airplanes using the Turkish air bases for long periods of time. It soon after agreed following some strategic changes on the ground in northern Syria, and perhaps the most important was Daesh’s withdrawal from areas to the advantage of the Kurdish Protection Units.
The dispute between Ankara and Washington facilitated other parties such as Russia to intervene directly in Syria under the pretense of confronting terrorism at the end of September 2015. The Russian intervention complicated issues for Turkey that did not want its relations with Turkey to deteriorate. The Turkish fighter jets shooting down the Russian Al-Soukhouy 24 jet in northern Syria complicated the Turkish stances greatly other than what followed from that incident in the development of the Russian defense system and operations to stop military and logistical support reaching the opposition.
From another angle, the Turkish political support for the Syrian opposition in Vienna and Geneva, and publically supported them in front of the International Community with the hope of reaching a political formulation for a solution, even if that included accepting Al-assad temporarily. However events on the ground and diplomatic movements that the UN representative Stephan Di Mastora, and the American stance only pointed to more negative stances and more destruction on the humanitarian, political or military levels in Syria.