Demographic change (Forced displacement) in light of Syrian revolution
Mar 15, 2017 2025

Demographic change (Forced displacement) in light of Syrian revolution

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It is meant by demographic change, the transformation from a demographic situation to another, and it related to population and factors of their growing and their quality and quantity balance. Its concepts affected by economic, social and political transformation that taking place in the modern human societies well as it related to measuring specific characteristics of the population such as their size and distribution according to work, industry, and their Political, religious and national affiliation.
Demographic change can happen as a result for environmental factors such as natural disasters or social, political and economic factors.

The demographic change meaning in this research is to do acts and actions in order to change the demographics in an area, by evacuation of population belonging to the same race, doctrine or specific religion and bring others who have another race, doctrine or religion through several ways by convincing or intimidate them.



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