The Israeli strikes in Syria during 2022

The Israeli strikes in Syria during 2022


In 2013, Israel started launching air strikes on Syria, which fall within the strategy of the "Campaign between Wars (CBW)"; where it considers it necessary to weaken the capabilities of the enemy (Iran and its militias or military units) and respond to threats outside the borders.

This report analyzes the Israeli strikes in Syria, and their distribution over the Syrian cities. It shows the importance of the targeted sites by indicating the specialization and military tasks that those sites carry out. It shows the set of Israeli targets that stand behind Israel's conducting such strikes.

This report shows that Russia’s provision of the S300 system to the regime, and removing the system, did not affect the Israeli strikes in Syria. It also explains how Israel went further by taking advantage of the overlapping Iranian files and hardships at the international and regional levels – from its efforts to acquire nuclear weapons and Russia’s support in Ukraine to its growing influence in Syria, in order to call upon the international community to take hard stances against Iran.

The report shows the weaknesses of Russian military technology, whose use in Syria does not help prevent Israel from carrying out its attacks.

The report lays out 3 scenarios for Israeli military strikes in 2023; where it indicates the continuation of these strikes with an increase in the quality of the targeted sites, in light of Israel's keenness to achieve its most important goal, which is to confirm the military superiority over Iran.


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On March 22, 2023, Lt. Gen. Alexus G. Grynkewich, a commander for U.S. Central Command's Air Force, stated that “Russian jets flew over the two US bases in Syria – al-Tanf military base in the southeastern countryside region of Homs and al-Omar field – approximately 25 times this month, as opposed to zero times in February and 14 times in January.

Map of the distribution of Syrians inside and outside Syria

Working in the economic, political, and social sectors is not possible without considering the demographic dimension. Population issues have remained a focal point for many research institutions, as demographic changes have impacted everyone. Similarly, migration and displacement issues have remained prominent throughout the years of conflict in Syria.