Outcomes: Seven years since the establishment of the Syrian Democratic Forces

Outcomes: Seven years since the establishment of the Syrian Democratic Forces

With the advent of October 11, 2022, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) will mark the eighth annuversary of its establishment, which was officially announced on this day in 2015 during a press conference in the city of al-Hasakah.

During these seven years, SDF witnessed many and varied changes and developments resulting either from the change in its internal structure or from external factors connected to the ongoing conflict in Syria and the positions and roles of local and international actors.

This report attepts to outline the outcomes of the SDF in the military and security sectors, the developments and interactions of the group's relations with local and international actors influencing the conflict. Moreover,  in the light of the results, the report tries to anticipate its expected future.

This report assists interested parties, experts, and decision-makers in evaluating the performance of the SDF at the internal and external levels, and foreseeing its future within the general framework of the conflict in Syria.


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Map of the distribution of Syrians inside and outside Syria

Working in the economic, political, and social sectors is not possible without considering the demographic dimension. Population issues have remained a focal point for many research institutions, as demographic changes have impacted everyone. Similarly, migration and displacement issues have remained prominent throughout the years of conflict in Syria.