Nov 01, 2016 2637


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Jusoor for Studies issued the military influence map for October 2016, which showed that the ratio of total and effective controlling of areas by various fighting parties were different from the ratio in the map of September 2016.

Euphrates shield operation continue liberating the areas dominated by ISIS earlier, where the factions of FSA supported by the Turkish army are taking control over the town of Dabeq in northern countryside of Aleppo, which is the town occupied an important place of ISIS propaganda because it will witness a decisive battle ends with its victory, according to the literature of the organization.

which make many observers believe that the fall of town in spite of the weak strategic value will form a blow to the organization's allegations, as these factions took control over the towns of Souran, Ehtimalat , Talalen , Tal Maled and Douwaybeq . 

On the other hand, before ending of the current month, the opposition factions launched a massive offensive on the regime’s points in Aleppo in order to break the siege on the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo, and they were able to make progress and taking control over Assad suburb, where the operation still ongoing until the moment.
Russia comments on its shelling of Aleppo, according to the statement of kremlin, and that what observers considered as a result for the western pressure, after the massive air campaigns carried out by Russian planes on Aleppo which targeted mostly civilian’s points 

Besides, the southern front of Syria still silent and quiet, without recording clashes between opposition and regime's forces, except an attack launched by opposition forces against abandoned battalion near Abta'a, and there was not any change as a result for this attack.
The battles between regime's forces and opposition in Hama countryside has stopped also due to withdrawing of large number of factions from the operation due to the urgent developments in the Syrian north.