Challenges to Syrian refugees and IDPs after the earthquake

Challenges to Syrian refugees and IDPs after the earthquake

Syrian refugees in Türkiye and internally displaced persons (IDPs) in northwest Syria face great challenges after the catastrophic earthquake that struck the region on February 6, 2023.

These challenges are based on facing the effects left by the disaster, whether on the economic, social, health, urban and other levels. In fact, the Kahramanmaraş earthquake left a severe impact on the entire scene of Syrian migration, which will make addressing the challenges or finding solutions to them extremely difficult and complex.

This report discusses the main challenges facing the refugees and the IDPs as a result of the earthquake, especially in the short and medium term, whether they are in Türkiye or northern Syria.

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Map of the distribution of Syrians inside and outside Syria

Working in the economic, political, and social sectors is not possible without considering the demographic dimension. Population issues have remained a focal point for many research institutions, as demographic changes have impacted everyone. Similarly, migration and displacement issues have remained prominent throughout the years of conflict in Syria.