To Reproduce the Syrian National Coalition
Jan 03, 2022 2348

To Reproduce the Syrian National Coalition

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To Reproduce the Syrian National Coalition


This analytical study prepared by the Jusoor Center for Studies deals with a troubling, complex, and necessary issue at the same time. In fact, both the internal and external circumstances in the Syrian issue argue that the National Coalition should be the key player in the case of representing the Syrian opposition politically, given that the institution of the Coalition itself suffers from two problems:

The first: various external factors and causes, which have dangerously exacerbated the situation in Syria and the suffering of civilians, and consequently have delayed the political solutions and made them weak as well, which in turn, affected the effectiveness of the Coalition and its position internally and externally.

The second: subjective internal factors that made the Coalition confused and created enormous accumulations in the work of the Coalition, which made it loses a large part of the causes of political influence and effectiveness.

In truth, considering the problems of the Coalition often focuses on the internal and subjective factors, which are quite important for any change opportunity. Accordingly, many Syrian and non-Syrian experts have written under the title of Coalition reform. But, practical proposals were rarely put forward, which might include the details and the nature of the required changes and discuss the tools in a practical manner consistent with understanding the reality and its capabilities, and aware of the challenges and ways to take them into account or address them partially or completely.

This analytical study, published by the Jusoor Center for Studies, formulates proposals and recommendations to reproduce the Coalition within a broad reform process needed by the institution. This, in fact, aims at achieving internal coherence within the Coalition structure and ensuring the ability to work at the level of groupings and individuals, which according to the study requires expulsion, additions or modifications in the working blocs. Also, such proposals look at the replacement of individuals inside the Coalition, depending on systematic, scientific, and non-arbitrary dynamics. Anyway, the desired changes should not  be sought only to show a reaction to calls for change, but rather to be a means that must lead to coherence, harmony and effectiveness.

In this analytical study, Jusoor Center for Studies highlights the serious and effective reform proposal before the Coalition members, the Syrian political forces inside and outside the Coalition as well as influencers and decision makers in order to take advantage of these insights and also realize the type and magnitude of the change that a fruitful and beneficial reform process requires. Generally, Jusoor Center, as a think tank believes that each idea or thought might be re-considered and evaluated, then modified till being matured, and this must be followed by the continuation of work on reforming the internal system to reach an appropriate representation of Syria's future.

Besides, this analytical study proposes a time frame, work stages, and mechanisms that are supposed to result in an actual change in the structure and performance of the institution (Coalition). That might be appropriate for the future political entitlements in the Syrian political course, which at the same time are not obligatory, but, instead, are expected benefits at the medium to long run, but work and preparations must begin immediately.


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