Chinese military strategy in Syria Motivations of change and its implications
Nov 10, 2016 2484

Chinese military strategy in Syria Motivations of change and its implications

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China's stand on the Syrian crisis was not very effective in the direct influence the to the events in Syria, where it is trying to enhance its role in the Syrian file.
This role has been limited to the support of international political efforts targeted to find political solution for Syrian issue, with direct diplomatic and military support for the Syrian regime which appeared in China's use to veto in the security council four times against decisions related to the course of events in Syria, which were seeking to condemn the Syrian regime anyway, and the first was voting against a draft resolution by European proposal and an American support in 2011 to condemn the Syrian regime's suppress protests against it in Syria .
Then, in 2012 followed by a China's veto on a draft of a resolution which demands changing the regime in Syria, and in the same year, also opposed the proposed resolution that threaten the Syrian regime with sanctions if it does not withdrawal its forces and military mechanisms from cities and areas that have demonstrations against it.  The final chines veto was in 2014, against a decision aims to refer the war crimes committed in Syria to the international criminal court. 
China is seeking to enhance its military activity cautiously in Syria, admiral Joan Youvi" visited Damascus on 14.8.2016 where he met officials from the Syrian regime in order to support the training program for Syrian regime's forces, and provide humanitarian aid by the China’s army .
This move was not the first, media reports in late 2015 talked that China sent a military ship to Syria, carrying many of Chinses military advisors to support the Syrian regime   . On the other hand, government of Beijing denied these 
Information  , but the question must be asked about seeking of Beijing to get more effective military role in Syria, especially since the white paper which determine the military strategy of China issued the last year considers the security of energy, active defensive and enhancing the external military relations, in addition to fighting terrorism are the most important bases for protecting the national security  .
Beijing has several considerations to increase its military activity in Syria , the most important of them maybe to reduce the developing influence of Turkistan fighters' activity in Syria , who are fighting alongside the armed opposition and many of them are Uighur , who are the majority inhabiting Xinjiang province in China , as well as China considers them a terrorists and threaten the national security of China , and this is different from Russia which had a military intervention alongside the Syrian regime under the pretext to fight terrorism , which raising doubts about the possibility of military partnership between the two countries in order to intensify military operations in Syria , especially since China supports the Russian military forces in Syria .


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