Woman’s role in the Kurdish political movement in Syria

Woman’s role in the Kurdish political movement in Syria

Vladimir Minorsky said in his book (Kurds, notes and impressions) that "Kurds are the most tolerant of all other neighboring Islamic peoples towards women".
words of Minorsky may be true in the (simple) social and economic situation, where the Kurdish woman had a wide freedom at these two levels.
The Kurdish traditions did not restrict moving of woman in her small geographical region (village, city) and did not prevent her from reception guests if the man was not present.
In simple economic terms, the Kurdish women were working in farming, even sometimes in some regions, women have to work in farming .
The history or the Kurdish traditions and customs did not document difficult conditions for the work of women.
Despite her freedom at these two levels, the woman remained with simple effective in her society, what she earns from her work was often back for man.
She did not have the right to participate making decisions which affecting her family
The Kurdish women as other women of the middle east, remained far from political side over the decades of modern history, she did not have an effective role politically, her participation was limited to some individual participations only.
PYD activated the role of women among its ranks, where the other components of the Syrian Kurdish movement failed to do so, which is what this report tries to study, and know potential reasons for failure and success of each party, the form of her participation and study her potential future.


To read the report in full can download an PDF version

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