The roles and impacts of actors on the political solution in Syria

The roles and impacts of actors on the political solution in Syria

Jusoor for Studies organized a seminar under the name: “The roles and impacts of actors on the political solution in Syria” in Istanbul city on 20/7/2017, In the context of the events and challenges that the Syrian revolution faces since March 2011 in addition to the sad reality that turned Syria into a conflict arena for regional and international sides in order to have an influence in this country, at which finding an effective roles that can lead to political solution in Syria is a must. 
Starting from the actors’ role in the Syrian affair along with their impact on the political solution, Dr. Ahmad Tu’mah, Dr. Hazem Nahar, and Dr. Abdulbaset Sieda gave a lecture focusing on three main components as follows: 
* The regional role of Turkey, Iran, and Jordan and its impact on the political solution which can be seen through the type and extent of these countries’ role in Syria also, the impact of the regional role in the upcoming political solution including the ability of these countries in making any difference in the Syrian equation. It is worth mentioning that the actors’ roles were prone to many changes through the past years. 
Moreover, the role and impact of the Arabian Gulf countries towards the political solution with regards to the current type and extent of this role in Syria in addition to the impact of the Gulf crisis on the upcoming political solution. It is worth mentioning that the Gulf countries’ roles were prone to many changes through the past years
Finally, The American-Russian role and impact on the political solution in addition to these actors’ roles which were prone to many changes through the past years. This role has an impact and ability to reach a political solution in Syria. 


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