Report about Jusoor for Studies Center’s Annual Meeting in December 2017

Report about Jusoor for Studies Center’s Annual Meeting in December 2017

Jusoor for Studies center held its annual meeting on December 22, 2017, in Istanbul city on the occasion of the second anniversary of establishing this center. The meeting was attended by the centers’ general manager, managers of the units, researchers, administrative employees, and some guests. The meeting is considered as a chance to gather all staff of the center from Gaziantep and Istanbul in order to set the annual plan alongside addressing some mechanisms and future views in addition to consolidating the relationships between the working units. Further, the meeting discussed the difficulties that the center encounters and the approaches of solving them in order to fulfil the center’s objectives. 
The meeting started with welcoming remarks by Mr. Mohammed Sarmini, as he thanked the guests for bearing the trouble of commute, stressing on the significant status that the center has achieved because of the cooperation between the center’s staff. Mr. Sarmini also talked about the message that the research centers convey in addition to the seriousness of the staff at their work. A video about Jusoor center’s activities and achievement in 2017 was also displayed. 
In the evening session, the most significant achievements were reviewed by the managers of the units and briefly explained. Moreover, there was a display and detailed discussion of the activities that took place under the auspices Jusoor center along with evaluating the current achievements as per the previous plan after that, attendees were divided into working groups in order to discuss the annual plan of 2018 and the idea of establishing new units. The new plan is confirmed by the general manager, who distributed gifts and certificates recognition to attendees at the end of the meeting.

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