Political, social, and economic impacts due to the displacement and migration

Political, social, and economic impacts due to the displacement and migration

Jusoor for Studies Center has participated in the first international conference entitled "Political, social, and economic impacts due to the displacement and migration" which was conducted by Faculty of Economy and Administrative Science in Kahramanmaraş Sütçüimam University.

Abdul Wahab Al Assi, a researcher in Jusoor for Studies Center, gave a lecture entitled "The course of the political solution in Syria" during the conference, as he showed the course of the political process in Syria and the roles played by different actors towards this process including Turkey and the Syrian opposition. He also presented a set of recommendations related to improving the position of the Syrian opposition in the political process. 

Alaa Al-Deen Heso, member of the executive office for Writers and Mohammed Zakariya Al Hamad, a professor at the university participated in explaining about the Syrian affair during the conference, as Heso demonstrated the Syrians' visions for the future through the results of a questionnaire prepared in advance, while Al Hamad addressed the Syrian affair before 2011. Furthermore, Syrian academicians and professors participated in this conference such as Mahmoud Nafisa who talked about the ethnic diversity, the religious composition, and the sectarianism and their impacts on the Syrian revolution.

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