Jusoor Center for Studies: 6 Years on the Launch

Jusoor Center for Studies: 6 Years on the Launch

Jusoor Center for Studies: 6 Years on the Launch

Six years have passed since the establishment and launch of the Jusoor Center for Studies, during which the center was able to make steady progress and a great contribution to the scientific research sector of future Syria. Such a sector was missing for half a century due, among other things, to the almost complete absence of the proper environment for civil society activities.
Jusoor Center still aspires for living up to the vision upon which it was founded; and this remains the motivating power behind its continuity and survival since the time it was just an initiative, until it has become an effective institution. It is a trusted source for experts and decision-makers in the Syrian issue. It is a reliable reference for truthful and authentic information at the level of analyses, advice and recommendations. Its contribution to the formation of Syrian public opinion is undeniable.
The center’s main thrust for presenting the political, social, economic and military issues to followers has not changed. It has become more focused in perceptions and more profound in understanding; especially by highlighting various dimensions, and by keeping events under focus. That in turn required more research products rich in content and easy in handling yet maintaining supremacy and high quality.
The center has been able to demonstrate the success of Syrians and their ability to build institutions and work collectively, effectively and persistently. This is part of the hope that Syria will become an example of civil society excellence, which is capable of projecting and presenting successful and flexibly interactive examples to a world in which work and management rules are constantly changing.
The center has been aware of the numerous challenges ahead. This in turn require a spirit of cooperation among Syrians with their elites and institutions with emphasis on creating an environment of initiatives and teamwork that can be relied upon in building Syria's future.
The center considers the youth as the main carrier of the change industry; therefore, it projected great interest in encouraging the involvement of young people in the scientific research sector, in addition to the successful youth investment that the Center achieved in its cadres and researchers.
Finally; six years after the launch of the center, the responsibility seems to be greater, but the readiness and persistence are there more than ever with emphasis on openness and desire to improve performance, productivity, and building bridges of communication with whoever is reachable.


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