Economic relations between the actors in Syria

Economic relations between the actors in Syria

Economic relations between the actors in Syria


In fact, interests converge between the conflicting parties and diverge between the reconciling ones in a very complicated manner.


This is how the scene of economic relations between the active powers in Syria looks, which is getting more and more complex with the passage of time. This increasingly appeared after Syria became an arena of international conflict in which local, regional and international parties gathered.

This study provides a brief analysis of the economic and trade relations between the actors in Syria on the basis of bilateral relations, then it seeks to analyze the scene in a broader way, by placing the interests of each party as a basis to build upon; As such, the economic relations between the regime, the opposition and the SDF are discussed within the study.


Also, the study sheds some light the economic relations between Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and the factions of the Syrian National Army.


Meanwhile, the study reviews the economic relationship between Russia, Iran and the regime. As well, the study highlights the economic relationship between Turkey and the opposition, providing a list of the most prominent goods exchanged between the parties.


The study ultimately concludes with forecasting scenarios about the future of the economic relations between these forces in the context of the current conditions and expected shifts.


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