Ceasefire Agreement The indications, contents and Reactions

Ceasefire Agreement The indications, contents and Reactions

Syrian regime's forces completed its control over the areas which were controlled by the Syrian armed opposition in Aleppo recently, due to an agreement to displace people of these areas to the west of the city for those who wanted to leave from both civilians and armed opposition members with their light weapons, which was mediated by turkey and Russia and an Iranian intervention , in exchange of declaring a truce for a ceasefire by all parties and evacuation of nearly 4000 people from the villages of Kafrya and Fouaa in Idleb countryside that were besieged by opposition.
About 35 thousand people of eastern Aleppo left their areas after several obstacles occurred during the exit of buses convoys prepared for evacuation .
After this agreement, Russia pressed to reach the ceasefire in all Syrian areas, not just in Aleppo, as the opposition factions demanded before the agreement of Aleppo.
This Russian pressure ended by a trilateral meeting in Moscow on 20/12/2016 for foreign ministers of Russia , turkey and Iran which led to an agreement between the three countries on a joint understanding as an outlines to resolve the Syrian issue which was  called (declaration of Moscow) including emphasizing the sovereignty and unity of the Syrian territory as a democratic and secular state , and that Russia , turkey and Iran are preferring the joint efforts in eastern of Aleppo to evacuate civilians and armed opposition , and the readiness of the three parties to be guarantors of the agreement between the Syrian regime and the opposition.
According the description of the Russian foreign minister "Sergei Lavrov", the trilateral frame "Russia, Turkey and Iran" is the most effective one regarding to Syria, because the international group to support Syria has not been able to take a role in implementation of UN   resolutions regarding to Syria, and Washington could not confirm its participation in the joint actions .

After a days from intensive talks between Russia and Turkey, they agreed on a draft ceasefire in all Syrian areas, Russia will put pressure on the Syrian regime to accept, while turkey will present it to the Syrian opposition to commit to the ceasefire.
The declaration of ceasefire started at 12 am on 30/12/2016 .


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