Battle of Mosul  Data and Expectations

Battle of Mosul Data and Expectations

In early hours of Monday October 17 ,2016, Haydar Al-Abadi, Iraqi prime minister, announced starting of the battle to control Mosul under an operation called (we are coming, Nineveh ) from the clutches of ISIS which is dominated the city on June 10, 2014.

Strategic significance of Mosul:
Mosul is considered the center of Nineveh province, Iraqi’s second largest city where residents of province are gathering with number of 1.5 million people. Tigris River crossed it and located about 350 km north of Baghdad.
Due to the strategic importance of battle of Mosul politically, military, geographically and even socially, the following parties are participating or trying to participate the battle:
Iraqi's central government, alongside Shiite popular mobilization forces, Sunni tribal mobilization, Iran by advisers and military experts, Peshmerga forces that followed the Iraqi Kurdistan, international alliance forces led by USA, Turkey alongside the National mobilization forces and Kurdistan workers’ party.


To read the report in full can download an PDF version


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