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Map of military influence in Syria 01-06-2020

The map of military influence in Syria for May 2020 showed stable total control ratios between the conflicting forces on the Syrian soil; the same ratios recorded since last February.
According to the map released by Jusoor for Studies Center, the control ratios on the ground are as follows:
The opposition factions maintained the control ratio recorded last month at (10.98%).
The Syrian regime maintained the control ratio recorded last month at (63.38%).
The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) maintained the control ratios they had recorded since November 2019 at (25.64%).
Naturally, ISIS has not had any military control over the Syrian soil since February 2019.
The lack of change in control ratios is likely due to the commitment of the Syrian regime and the opposition factions to a ceasefire within the framework of the Moscow memorandum signed between Turkey and Russia on March, 5 2020, irrespective of the escalating and ongoing violations on contact lines.
Note that the past month witnessed a noticeable escalation that included artillery and missile shelling, infiltrations and temporary control of some points.
Last month saw significant progress in implementing the Moscow Memorandum (2020) as the 13th patrol was run with a track linking more than 20 km. The number of Turkish military points inside the security corridor has reached nearly 25, which are supposed to operate as guarding sites and checkpoints after the implementation of the protocol is completed.