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The Reality and Future of Al Ghouta

On March 5, 2018, Jusoor For Studies Center conducted a discussion session under the title "The Reality and Future of Al Ghouta" in Gaziantep city. Many influential characters have partaken in this session such as Mohammed Biraqdar, the Public Relations Officer in Jaysh Al-Islam, Bassam Al Quwatli, Head of Working Group for Syria, representatives from Damascus Provincial Council, and a number of activists and journalists.
The session's main points focused on the possible scenarios that may take place in the southern region of Syria and the role that Al Ghouta can play in this regard. The "Useful Syria and its Geographical Scope" scenario, previously presented by Moscow, and the military developments nationwide were also discussed by attendees. Further, the prospects of resolving the conflict at military and political levels in Eastern Al Ghouta by the Syrian opposition were discussed in this session.