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Map of military influence in Syria 01-05-2018

The map of military influence in Syria for April 2018 showed a slight change in the total ratio of control among most of the forces compared to the ratios recorded in the previous month. The slight change is despite the significant events that occurred in this month, the most important of which is the Syrian regime gaining control over the entire Eastern Ghouta and all of the Eastern Qalamoun region.
According to the monthly map issued by the Jusoor Center for Studies, the ration of Syrian regime control amounted to 55.13%, an increase from 54.63% in the previous month. The SDF control decreased very little from 24.86% compared to 24.93% in March due to the completion of the Olive Branch Battle operations in the vicinity of Afrin.
Despite losing strategic positions in the vicinity of Damascus, the armed opposition factions’ ratio of control was maintained due to the achievements made during the Olive Branch Operation. The opposition factions’ control ratio amounted to 12.21% compared to 12.64% in the previous month.
ISIS has nearly maintained its control ration of 7.80% compared to the previous month.

Damascus Vicinity
The Syrian regime forces and allied militias took control of all the city of Douma, the last opposition stronghold in the Eastern Ghouta, and all the Eastern Qalamoun on April 15, 2018.
The regime gaining control of these areas contributed to it securing all the region east of Damascus without any Syrian opposition factions remaining. An estimated 5,5000 opposition militia members and their families left Eastern Ghouta and Eastern Qalamoun for northern Syria.
After finishing with the east of Damascus file, the Syrian regime hastened to finish the south of Damascus file. The regime launched a military operation on al-Yarmouk Camp at the end of April 2018. Control over the camp is divided with Hayat Ahrar al-Sham controlling one third of the camp and ISIS controlling two-thirds.
The regime also reopened the negotiation file of the villages and towns of Bayt Sahm, Babyla and Sidi Miqdad. It is expected that this pocket will be closed by next May. The regime will then spread its control on all areas in the vicinity of Damascus completely securing the capital and surrounding areas.