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Map of military influence in Syria 01-05-2019

The map of military influence in Syria for the month of April 2019 showed that the various forces maintained their overall control ratios registered in March.
This month, ISIS commander have come out for the first time since 5 years. He confirmed that he lost the last ISIS strongholds in Syria and will move to security activity instead of military activity inside several pockets that ISIS already mentioned in unclear agreement settled in the outset of 2019 with Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in al-Bagouz village. 
The de-escalation zone in the north of Syria has been exposed to unprecedented breaches since the signing of the Sochi Agreement in September 2018. The Russian Air Force participated in bombing of various locations. Also, Khmeimim base was targeted by fire by unregulated armed groups. In turn, opposition armed groups affiliated with Astana course stepped up its rhetoric against Russia following these developments in the north.
Also, this month also witnessed reciprocal movements of Syrian regime and (SDF) forces at the seam lines of the east of the Euphrates, especially in Deir ez-Zor eastern countryside and Raqqa southern countryside. At the same time, there is the possibility of military confrontations in the region against the backdrop of escalation between the United States and Iran.
Syrian regime control ratio stabilized at (61.88%),  as did the armed opposition factions at (10.3%); the same ratio recorded since August 2018. The stability of the (SDF) control ratio remained at (2.92%) following g a slight increase achieved in January 2019.
While ISIS control ratio has become (0%) since last February, it still maintains a non-military presence in a number of areas controlled by various forces. The ISIS presence is represented by the spread of ISIS security cells and the most prominent pockets of security are the desert of Palmyra, Al-Bukamal countryside, Swaida north-east countryside, Idlib Province and in al-Bagouz Hill east of Euphrates.
(SDF) were able to control ISIS last strongholds in Hajin area east of Euphrates through Al-Jazeera Storm battle that has continued since May 2018 with full support by the International Coalition forces. Hundreds of ISIS elements who got besieged in an area of only half a square kilometer surrendered to (SDF) following an unannounced agreement. The United States President Donald Trump officially announced at the end of February that the United States and local and international allies had managed to control the last ISIS stronghold east of Euphrates.