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Map of military influence in Syria 01-09-2019

The map of military influence in Syria for the month of August 2019 shows a change in the ratios of total control among the main conflicting forces on Syrian territory compared with the ratios recorded in July.
According to the monthly map issued by the Jusoor Center for Studies, the Syrian regime increased the land under its control to (62.19%) compared to the (61.96%) recorded in July. While the percentage of territory controlled by the opposition factions fell to (9.97%) compared to the (10.20%) recorded in July. 
The Syria Defense Forces (SDF) continues to maintain control over the same percentage of territory recorded in May (27.84%). The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria no longer has any military control over Syrian territory as of February 2019.

Northern Syria
The map of influence and military control in northern Syria has undergone a new modification as a result of the ongoing campaign launched by the Syrian regime with intensive Russian air and ground support starting on May 6, 2019.
On August 20, the Syrian regime took control of Khan Sheikhoun city, one of the most prominent opposition strongholds in Idlib province and its surroundings. On August 21, regime forces were able to take control of the strategic Tal Tirai and besiege the cities of Kafr Zita, al-Ltamenah, Morek and other villages and farms.
On August 23, Morek, located in the southern part of the de-escalation zone, was invaded and Russia and the regime forces placed a military cordon around the ninth Turkish observation post in Morek city. The forces then continued their advancement to the town of al-Tamanah and took control of the town and several of the strategic hills and towns in its vicinity on August 30.
Accordingly, the area controlled by the Syrian regime since the beginning of the military campaign has increased to around 580 Km2.
On August 31, Russia announced a unilateral truce in the de-escalation zone and called on the Syrian opposition factions to abide by it.