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Map of military influence in Syria 01-04-2019

The map of military influence in Syria for March 2019 showed that the various forces maintained their total control ratios of February. What was remarkable during this month was that the United States and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have officially declared the end of ISIS control and that they took control of ISIS last military enclaves east of the Euphrates in Baguoz area.
Syrian regime control stabilized at (61.88%) and the armed opposition factions control stabilized at (10.3%), the same ratio recorded since August 2018. (SDF) control ratio remained at (27.92%) following the slight increase they achieved in January 2019.
Obviously ISIS control ratio became (0%) since last month, but it still maintains a non-military presence in a number of areas controlled by various forces. The non-military presence is mainly ISIS security cells belonging and the most prominent security pockets are found in  the Palmyra desert of Palmyra, the Boukamal countryside, the Swaida eastern-north countryside, Idlib province north of the country, and in the Bagouz hill  east of the Euphrates.
(SDF) captured the last ISIS strongholds in Hajin area East of the Euphrates through Al-Jazeera Storm battle that has continued since May 2018. The International Coalition forces provided full support to (SDF) in the battle. Hundreds of ISIS elements who were besieged in an area of only half a square kilometer surrendered to (SDF) following an unannounced agreement. The United States President Donald Trump officially announced at the end of February that the United States and local and international allies had managed to control ISIS last east of the Euphrates.