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Map of military influence in Syria 01-03-2019

Map of military influence in Syria for February showed a slight change in the total control ratio compared to the ratios recorded last January. The most important development this month was putting an end to ISIS control to a nearly zero ratio. ISIS had controlled more than half of the Syrian land in 2014.
This development has led to an increase in regime control ratio to 61.88% compared to the ratio recorded end of last month 60.3. Syrian opposition factions control continue to be stable at 10.3%; the same ratio that was recorded since August 2018. Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) control ratio has slightly increased to 27/92%.
According to Jusoor for Studies monthly released map, the Palmyra desert whose area amount to 1.5% of the total area of Syria witnesses presence of ISIS elements; however, this area is not subject to their absolute control.
(SDF) was able to control the last ISIS strongholds in Hajin area east of Euphrates through Aljazeera Storm battle that has continued since May 2018 backed by the full support of the International Coalition forces.
Hundreds of ISIS elements surrendered themselves to (SDF) after they were besieged in an area of only half a square kilometer following an unknown agreement. The United States President Donald Trump officially announced at the end of February that the United States and local and international allies had managed to control the last ISIS stronghold east of the Euphrates.