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Jusoor for Studies issued the military influence map for August 2016, which showed that the ratio of total and effective controlling of areas by various fighting parties were different from the ratio in the map of July 2016.

Through issuing this map monthly, the center seeks for highlighting the field developments in the Syrian scene and its effects on the total and effective controlling ratio in whole Syrian lands and in each province separately, analyze the content of this map, clarify the implications politically and reading the results in a way linking the fighters to the politicians.
The armed opposition forces have made a unique breakthrough in Aleppo on 5th august through controlling over some military faculties which were like fortified castles for the regime.
Al-Fatih army controlled the artillery collage that consists of three military sites, which are artillery collage, arming collage and the air technical school .by this controlling, the opposition break the siege of the western neighborhoods of Aleppo after the controlling of Syrian regime on Castelo road on 17 July 2016.
In Jarablus, the Turkish military intervention on 24 august 2016, the artillery support and air support from the Turkish forces to the armed opposition factions led to expulsion the ISIS out of Jarablus and free a large number of surrounding villages from controlling of Kurdish protection units, to increase the total and effective controlling ratio of the free Syrian army.
On the other hand, regime forces made an agreement with the armed opposition in Darya led to exit all fighters to Idleb and moving the civilians to the surrounding areas. Darya became a depopulated city and went out of the free areas.
Also in Al-Waar besieged neighborhood in Homs, the regime stepped up the shelling on the neighborhood using incinerator napalm bombs to force people who live in it to sign an agreement will lead to all armed opposition to exit from the neighborhood like the agreement of Darya.
The field developments in august characterized by the Turkish forces presence in the military events, clashes in the west of Euphrates between Turkish forces and democratic forces of Syria which consider the Kurdish protection units as its basic base. Also the developments include: regime strategy to deport civilians and fighters after the exhaustion by hunger and siege.
Some information referred to an agreement that has not been implemented yet to exit the fighters of Muadamiyat Al-Sham (western of Darya) dissolve the revolutionary institutions and deliver the city for regime.