Administrative structure

Organizational Structure
Jusoor’s organizational structure is composed of the following units:
The Consultant Committee: it includes a number of expert consultants and academics specialized in the social, political, economic and legal fields related to the issues and topics about the region.
Jusoor manager: The manager’s is responsible for managing the center’s units and directing their activities. The manager represents the center before official parties. The manager works on achieving the center’s goals and its programs.
The executive manager: the executive manager is responsible for managing the administrative and financial issues related to the center. The executive manager monitors the execution of plans and programs in coordination with the center’s manager.
The Center’s units
The center includes four main units which are:
The information unit: the unit aims at gathering data from primary sources, it manages the center’s own data bank, and it provides informational reports needed by the analysis’ unit. 
The religious movement unit: it aims at studying the reality of religious movements in the region from their development, thought, evolution, interaction, current and future roles. 
The analysis unit: it aims at analyzing information and producing periodical and non-periodical reports and studies. 
The communication and relations department: it aims at supervising the center’s communication with decision makers particularly, and other parties relevant to the center’s publications.